Gloria Leonard-Witten: LPN

“My quest to improve my body and health began with a gastric bypass. Finally, I began to work with Ms. Brown who impressed me with her knowledge of healthy diets and physical training. She has a keen insight when it comes to transforming a sedentary individual into an active person.”

Lynn Lamb: Stock Investor

In reference to Catherine, “Pit bull comes to mind. She refuses to give up on you. I quit several times. She would call my house. I would not return her calls, but she refused to let go.  She wasted no time in asking pointed questions, setting up a meal plan [and] workout schedule.” She “listened to my concerns.”

Linnyett Richardson-Hall: Wedding Planner TV show Whos Wedding Is It

“In 8 weeks I worked hard and I mean so hard. I sweated, cursed, cried and screamed. Getting in shape is not just physical; it is mental [too]. She worked with me for 8 weeks to transform my body. I cried because where fat was once, I visually saw changes in me.”

Eileen Eldrige: Baltimore City Public School Secretary

“Under her supervision for months, I lost body fat and dropped from a size 12 to a size 9. I told Catherine that I only wanted to work my lower body and she looked at me very firmly and laughed. Believe me, she worked my whole body.”

Deborah Wilson: NIH Nutrition Specialist

“She has helped me to accomplish many things [including] my self-esteem, eating habits, strength and endurance. I think she is great. She demands the best. She is dedicated, cares about her clients, [she’s] serious about her job and [she’s] good at it!”

Van Eaton: IBM Executive

“I injured my rotator cuff. Rehab was great. My true gains came from Catherine in continuous exercise. My doctor spoke highly of my trainer and recovery.”